Tyga photo credited to Danny Bembea
Got to shot photos on stage while Tyga was performing SWAG

TYGA on stage at The Rave in Milwaukee
YG 400 performing!
Danny Bembea
it was dope being on stage in front of all these people!
Lil Twist!
Lil Twist x RDK
Tyga and his crew playing basketball before the show.
$wag and Dindo performing at The Rave
our driver
Mod Sun is my homie
Kidd Russell
Mod Sun n' Dope Kids
Moosh & Twist


RealDopeKids with Chiddy Bang

Danny Bembea

Alesso at The Mid
The Mid
Rockie Fresh x RealDopeKids

chillen with Asher and his crew
Asher Roth

Danny Bembea
Asher Roth & Danny Bembea

Photography credited to Danny Bembea
Photography of the John Hand Cock credited to Danny Bembea
Photography credited to Danny Bembea

Deadmau5 in Chicago

Danny Bembea

The Real Dope Kid: Danny Bembea

My favorite beat. I should begin recording some raps over music like this.

Dear Dope Kids.

For everyone that doesn’t know who I am. I’ll introduce myself as Danny B. I’ve always had this urge of passion to create something with my imagination on this industry. I’m sure there is thousands of kids as me in this country and across the world that love music. The thing though is I don’t think there is anyone that can keep up with my ambition that I’ve known so far. Not even came close to their aspirations in life that I have already began. I’m always on the road but its unpaved and very much hard. Its life though. I’m antsy, motivated and believe. I don’t look up to the Hollywood story that most people do. I don’t exaggerate with my raps. I don’t even care about fame, lavish living or a Wall Street career. My point clear I’m simple. I have so much on my plate but I got dope intentions for the kids that are as me. I know that this project of mine isn’t even nearly in the introduction or the first chapter. My views of the world are quite different than yours but in the end it’s probably why your here reading my personal being description on a half music blog that hasn’t got to the point just yet. I realized that RealDopeKids.com and other music sites that I’ve come upon are doing something never seen. Its exposing the kids never heard. The ones that are left in the dirt. To the people who know me. You don’t. I consider myself an underdog. Maybe media needs to get out of the radio and stop putting up mainstream artist that make no point in their music. I love old school rap, jazzy beats, soul and I bump trap music went I enter my school parking lot. But only cause I’m a punk or some call a mordern day hipster that doesn’t give a fuck. What your going to see on RealDopeKids is a lot more. I’ve been working on the site by myself for a while. I don’t got all the education or material I need. But I’m learning just like you on what I gotta do. There will be photographs, music video’s, RealDopeKid video’s in Lifestyle, more downloads and even more genre in sounds you hear on playlists that will be mobile. I’m jumping way ahead of myself but just watch me do it. If you have any questions, want to be on RealDopeKids or idea’s? Email us bookrealdopekids@yahoo.com Y’all Dope Kids and don’t be strangers we all real.

-The Real Dope Kid


  1. Yo Danny. Im feelin this. All the work you put into this is pretty inspiring. not gonna lie. I’d love to help in anyway i can. Music is my life and anymore of it sounds great. A lot of kids have music as a hobby and Ive been trying to take any opportunity i can to make it more than just that. We all have a voice, We just gotta be a little louder sometimes.

    Fill me in on this some more at school sometime yeah? i’ll be asking

  2. Hey so I heard about your guys site from a friend and I think it’s awesome what you’re doing. I’m from Chicago, born & raised, and I just released my mixtape yesterday, it’d be awesome if you could check it out lemme know what you think. I’m gonna be making videos all day today for youtube and I was hoping if you guys like it you can put it up. Just let me know, shoot me an email or whatever. Thanks, I hope I don’t take too much time outta your day with this one!

  3. we probably will never know eachother. but ur pretty good lookin. and i can see u being big. keep up the work. I read ur other blogs and u want to make music. I heard from other kids that listen to ur website your gonna post it up?! id love to hear it. your website is so sick. a lot of kids from my middle school listen to RDK!

    1. Im a young artist and i saw your promoting other artist. I know you get lots of emails probably from people like me but you should def check me out on youtube. Just youtube mixtape called the Transfer im elgin moore

  4. yo how come downloads havnt been up!? but btw music is good man. Your the shit. Love the concept and im in madison not to far from chicago but been spreading the word of Realdopekids. Gotta rep talent. Your smart kid dont anyone steal ur ideas!!

  5. awesome website! You should put more rock up. But im exicted to see your playlists and shit. Lots of love from Miami baby! Keep it up Bembafukk!!

  6. very impressive. I follow you on twitter and i cant believe your 17! congrats on almost 30,00 viewers! Dont stop putting time in this site i promise its gonna pay off. Im very far from chicago and i heard of your website from a friend. So i bet its going around. Loving the music, blogs and design. good luck ill def being listening to your music once you get it done! DO IT!

    Tesha from kansas<3

    p.s. whats a bembafukk?! i wanna be one 🙂

  7. i appeciate all the work being put into this. Truely great concept and music buddy. Keep it up
    random kid outta Texas.

  8. i think its hot that you like those classics. Im into it to. And you gotta keep me updated with it thanks Mr. Bembea 🙂 myfriends and I all support you and tweet you to cause im one of your followers. I cant wait to watch the site grow and get better. LOVE YOU! 🙂 hope i dont scare you since we dont know eachother aha keep me posted on RDK

  9. i think you can do better Well hafta see i guess. But fuck i love the music. Btw that other blogger is fine. BOth of em. you hitting??? maaa nigggaa!! n you guys out in chicago? damn you rockin im down in Alabama

  10. wow. You impressed me with your music. You been quite famous here and can’t believe we got this all the out from chicago your sure outta the states much love from your fans out in Australia! You do have that American “swag” love it sweetie your a doll keep it up hope to see you on the shows of MTV or something your a born talented star if your only 17 real stuff love your fan Jane Lane ❤

  11. yo dude im in NYC how can i contact you other than FB or Twitter I work for a company for Rostrum Records Promotion that pays much. We well gladly have you on our team. You must be 18 though. We have worked with artist from Mac Miller, Top Shelf, Scott Simon, Vali Porter and more. We can use a website such as yours. And defiantly a kid like you. Your money i tell you i see you getting big.

  12. wassup mane, this is your boy e-way. good shit man keep up the work and if you need anyone to go over your favorite beat you already know who to give a holler bro – keep up this swag surfin net!

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