Air Tycoon is a Illinois based electronic artist. With social media thats run by how many ‘Likes’ or ‘Follows you get is important to many but this kid is in his hundreds only; In an cyber economy that empowers the user to democratically raise their peers through networking. However, this demonstrates the endless worthiness within the self-distribution system on the online world and the honest artists ability to be heard internationally. Air Tycoon, at the same time shows powerful and stealthy, layers some of the most observant textures in response to impressive melodies and hooks that loop endlessly. It doesn’t matter if you have a follow or not all intends what were doing on RDK to showcase real talented people doing their thing! I, Danny Bembea would like to shout out Tycoon for being a dope kid and y’all should look up the guy show some support on Facebook or Twitter.

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