Kindness – House

Kindness is a UK singer-songwriter. In ‘House’ I really enjoyed the way the sound infuses electronic feel over his vocals. The piano supports the melody of the joint and for 420 this is simultaneously dope, mellow, and yet uplifting.

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Filip Filipi – Devil in a New Dress Freestyle Lyrics

My homie Filip Filipi spits up a freestyle on ‘Devil In A New Dress’ with his mild style raps he really puts Real Dope in for the Kids.

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ASAP Rocky & Hit-Boy In Studio Mixing Goldie


Irv Da Phenom – Marijuana f. Potluck

Irv bats first with the lead single off his upcoming album, Who the F#@k is Irv Da Phenom, due out May 8th. From Humboldt, California they have some 420 love so here is their newest joint. Get high?

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Chance the Rapper – Brain Cells [Directed by Austin Vesely]

Chance The Rapper is a upcoming Chicago spitter with his latest project directed by Austin Vesely named ‘Brain Cells’ off of #10Day. I love the way the film is put together and with this laid back beat its a perfect tune for my Real Dope Kid gang to roll up too. Chance has a style some rappers just can’t pull off so I salute him with our respect. Happy 420, be safe and enjoy your spliffs friends.

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Asher Roth – Party Girl [feat. Meek Mills]

My homie Asher Roth gets with Meek Mills for this new joint called ‘Party Girl’ and its mad chill. I got to kick it with Asher at The Revolution Live in South Florida recently while he ends his touring. Now he can chill it out so I believe he’s gonna be producing some tunes so get a buzz off his joint.

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Hexsagon – Beat Flip Tuesdays Volume 5

I do enjoy some melodic jazz with a little bit of hiphop bass intwined the beat. Hexsagon drops ‘Beat Flip Tuesday Volume 5’ and its a full instrumental mixtape with the dopest harmonies of hiphop. If your an artist I’ll defiantly look into collaboration with this guy! He has imagination in his music with a creative sound reminds me a bit of J Dilla which is the king of real underground hiphop. Check it out kids.

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Dillon Cooper – Common People Ft.Bianelys

Brooklyn native Dillon Cooper is no common person with his talents in music. With our homie Jon Kilmer who got this video in and great shot too! A feature of Bianelys which is mad dope as well! These kids are in the beginning stages of the come up defiantly check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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